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We are on a mission to bring worship dancers into a life of freedom, healing and confidence in their calling,
Without feeling that they are alone.
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How To Dance Yourself Into Freedom With Confidence And Boldness...
these services will help you fast start your journey in worship dance:
Monthly Live Inspiration
Do you want to be inspired and connect with other worship dancers all over the world?

Once a month we will meet over a video conference to share, pray and inspire one another in our calling as God's artists.
Worship Dance Course
Do you want to learn the foundation for worship dance?

Dance Yourself Into Freedom online course will give you some basics tools, understanding and confidence to embrace yourself in your worship dance calling.
Accelerator Academy
Do you want to start your own worship dance ministry or school?

Accelerator Academy will help you launch your God given ministry and school. You will learn everything from mindset to how to establish yourself online.
what everyone is saying about unity dance center:
Foundational teaching on our identity as God's children in Christ and how to hear the voice of God through dance in your daily life. Teaching also about how to stay connected body, soul and spirit to the words and truth of God and express this journey through movement.

I was impressed and inspired by the close community created through the course and the level of interaction both in the course time and during the 6 weeks we had together.
I loved the exercises and weekly challenges to step out in what we had learned and partner with God to step into more freedom individually and pray for others in the course.

This course really blessed me and helped me personally to stay connected to God's voice and guidance in a time of change and transition. It helped me to identify areas where God's Truth could come and transform and equip me with the tools to continue to walk and dance in greater freedom everyday.
Just the way the teaching is done is very good, important themes like identity, the prophetic, healing, freedom etc..and really for me I experienced in my own and others lives how dance can bring healing and freedom...I am very encouraged and feel a new authority in my life and dancing..

I am very thankful for Vibeke who shares her life and experience and I feel honored to be part of it! I will keep dancing! I thank God for you and this ministry, it is SUCH a blessing and is changing many lives!

All the best!
Vibeke Elisabeth is a wife, mom, dancer, coach, marketing strategist and the founder and creative director for a world wide worship movement called Unity Dancer Center. Vibeke passionately creates spaces for dancers to come out of hiding into a place of freedom and healing through worship dance. 

As a leader of a dance school formerly based out of Norway, Vibeke has personally trained and lead thousands of people in worship dance into a place of greater freedom in their hearts. She also trains those who want to grow in their calling in worship dance, but she also has raised up next generation leaders who are called to lead in the area of the worship arts. 

After going through very difficult experiences in the dance industry prior to having a personal relationship with the Lord, she has found much freedom and healing in her own life and has successfully lead many others in the path to restoration. 

Vibeke appreciates a nice bottle of KeVita Kombucha with her friends at the cafe; but she loves getting her sleeves rolled up to tackle and put a chokehold on a problem for a just about anyone until it taps out. If you stay around her long enough, you will not be able to stick around this fire starter until you starting moving toward your personal vision and calling in life.

She has a great mission to help orphans and survivors of human trafficking. Her desire is to see the children also find a place of healing and restoration by using the medium of dance to partner with the Holy Spirit in a dynamic way. 

"We Are On A Mission To Bring Worship Dancers Into A Life Of Freedom, Healing And Confidence In Their Calling.

We Want To See Them Launch Fully Into Be Change Makers And Leaders In Their Areas Of Influence. As We All Have Been Called To Lead In Some Capacity, The Unity Dance School Exists To Empower Leaders In Personal Growth And Development Through Worship Dance. 

As Worship Dance Is A Medium Which Gives An Environment For The Dancer To Receive Healing And Restoration, Dancers Will Be Able To Experience The Intimacy Of Joy, Delight And Healing Through Movement." 

what is worship dance academy?
Mentor Program
Who is this for?
This is for those that are serious and want to start their own ministry or school. You have to be fully committed and every person will need to apply to join.

One of our main focus will be on connection with the Father's Heart to show us what's His blueprint for each persons lives and ministry, school or business.
I do believe in God and all spiritual gifts He gives us.
Our mindset is such an important part of our development and our success. My desire is for you to have a strong bullet proof power mindset. This will help you become the leader you are called to be and lead others with authenticity.
Whenever you take dance classes or dance improvisation from your heart, the most important movements is to do it from the foundation of your heart. 
This is where healing and freedom will come.
I love digital marketing. So it will be my absolutely joy to help you establish yourself online. We will go through everything from a website, social media, course and funnel creation. To everything about your message and audience.
Have you heard about the Dream 100? If not, you will learn everything you need to know on how to build great relationship and how you can collaborate. There are good and bad ways to do this. So which one will you be?